What to do if Roblox does not start

The main reasons that Roblox does not work:

If Roblox doesn’t start, it just takes a long time to load

1. To begin, open the Start menu, go to Control Panel. Mark the Categories view and select Applications, then go to Applications & Tools. Find the ROBLOX program and uninstall. Note that the program icon will also be removed from the desktop. Then go to the official website Roblox.com and choose any game. The site will ask you to install the program, we agree with this and now Roblox will work.

2. Go to “My Computer” and in the upper right corner of the search type the keyword ROBLOX, select all found files and delete them. After, open Start and find the regedit program, run it on behalf of the administrator. After opening the search in the registry (ctrl + F), we also find the program for the key query ROBLOX and delete everything until the end is displayed until the window with the message that cleaning the registry is complete. After that, you need to download the program from the official site again.

Problem with site (server)

When there are problems starting a site, there are usually two reasons why this can happen. First, there may be problems with the site itself. You can find out here.

If it’s not on the site, there may be a problem with DNS. To check if this is the solution to your problem, use an alternate IP address. IP (172,201.47). Just type it in the address bar instead of the site and press Enter. If everything worked, the problem with access to the site really appeared through DNS.

What if a site is down?
First, usually such failures do not last long, this is not interested in the company itself, which in case of failure of the site incurs huge losses.
Secondly, you can write to technical support or to the forum, as soon as the service resumes, you will be notified and usually thanked for the message. Alternatively, you can try alternate site logins. For example, do not enter in the address bar www or try to go to the mobile version (m.rolbox.com).


There are cases when the program slows down and “falls” only at you. There are solutions for this situation. Try clearing the cache, you can do this either in advanced browser settings, or using the hot keys CTRL + F5. Still not working? Try to disable the antivirus while working with the service, sometimes it can block access to it. Try these methods either one by one or all at once, it can help. Remember that there is a support service that, with a careful description of the situation, will tell you how to solve it.

Bad internet connection

The error may be due to a poor Internet connection. You can check the speed on the provider’s website or by calling them on the hotline. If you have a router, restart it, and then the computer itself. Then try logging in again. If the problem is solved, ask for help from your provider, explaining the situation, because the speed will drop and not work can not only this service.

Run as Administrator

Some computers may simply not play the program properly when it runs on its own. In this case, you need to run the service on behalf of the administrator using sandboxie. Such ancillary resources usually cope with the solution of the failed failure. If this method is useful, always use the programs in pairs, so as not to encounter any more inconveniences.

If nothing helped and the program does not show signs of life at all
If the program simply does not start, does not open and does not start downloading, there is a solution. Go to “My Computer”, drive C, then the folder Programm Files (x86). Find there a folder with roblox, go to the next open folder and look for Studio Beta. Once it has started, pay attention to the Address line. You are interested in the address displayed on it. You must delete everything except the address. That is, you should only have roblox.com. After, press Enter and the studio takes you to the main page, where you can use the correct version of the service. You can use the site only with the help of beta studio, so do not forget to run it before working with Roblox.

Did you fix all problems? Are you playing Roblox now? If yes, here is a list of cool Roblox music codes you may like. If you want more codes, you can visit RobloxSong.com
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