The first announcement to make Adobe XD free will bring immediate joy to the newbies who want to make a fortune in the design industry. The previous plan would cost $9.99 monthly with unlimited shared prototypes and shared design specs along with 100 GB cloud storage and unlimited font library. Which still exists by the way.

15th May 2018 will be a day to remember for every designer around the world. Cause the global giant Adobe made two announcements that will help the designing community improve dramatically.


A quick glimpse at Adobe XD with the free Starter Plan

  • Available on the Mac and Windows
  • Full design and prototyping capability on desktop (Mac and Windows)
  • Mobile preview apps (iOS and Android)
  • One active shared prototype at a time
  • One active shared design spec at a time
  • 2GB Cloud storage
  • Typekit Free (limited font set)
  • Creative Cloud Libraries

Another reason why the newbies should jump to Adobe XD right away is Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator files are editable on Adobe XD. So the newbies can learn a great deal from the work of great people who made their works open source for public use.

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