Udemy is a great online learning platform to learn lot of things . Lots of skilled person share thier knowledge with such a affordable plan . You can easily learn form them.

Like any other aspect of the dynamic world, web development trend is changing continuously. There are new and newer standards in content presentation, management and crafting. Functionalities are a big determiner for usability of a website. To keep pace with the growing and ever changing demand curve, as a developer, you need to update your skills over time. Here are some free and paid resources for that.


I have made 5 list of different category to see:


Web Design for Web Developers


  • Objective(s): Learning to design amazing websites by best-using colors, texts, graphics, layouts etc. Also focuses on conversion and inspirations.
  • Course Span: 20 lectures, 1 hour video, 2 hours others.



How to Make an Online Portfolio Website from Scratch

Lectures : 25
Duration : 54:16
Who is the target audience?
  • Photographers, graphic designers, artists, freelancers, or anyone who wants to showcase their work online
  • Anyone who wants to create an online portfolio website
  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of WordPress
  • Anyone looking to get started in web development

EMMET Faster HTML & CSS workflow

You will become a faster coder in no time and it will be super easy to learn if you already know CSS. Now that I use Emmet, I could NOT imagine living without it.
Lectures : 20

Course Duration : 01:11:47

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